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News and Updates from Colony Cove Homeowners' Association Board of Directors


Winter 2017

Winter is really here and again, we have had no feedback on this news page.  If you are reading this, remember to leave your heat on and kitchen/bathroom cabinets open when you leave to you don't have freezing pipes.  Also keep your water turned off and your hot water tank off when you are not here to prevent water damage.

Also, remember that our trash area is NOT a dump for mattresses, large items, etc.  It is for bagged garbage only.  All boxes must be broken down in order to be put in the dumpsters.  Please help with this issue.

Summer 2017

Summer is here and we have not heard from anyone on this newsletter.  If you are reading this, let us know. 

Summer rules - While you are having fun, please:
  • No parking in the street or on the grass
  • do not bring glass into the pool area; 
  • do not climb or sit on the infinity wall at the pool; 
  • keep the trash area clean and neat; 
  • keep trailers in your driveway or at one of the two local marinas; 
  • remember you have neighbors.

Spring 2017

If you would like an update for spring, please let us know.  If we do not receive enough requests, we'll just assume nobody is reading this.

We are just about cleaned up after the storm at the end of April.  If you have any damage that has not been fixed, please let us know.

Remember our annual membership meeting on Saturday morning at 9:00am, the 27th of May.  This is an important meeting to discuss monthly dues increases and assessments.

It's Fall

It is hard to believe but fall is here......yes, it's fall and change is in the air.  Hugh has started the last building at Colony Cove and we will soon be a finished development.  If you know of anyone looking for a great place to have a weekend lake home or a permanent home, be sure you tell them about Colony Cove.

The pool is closed and fall maintenance is starting.  As we prepare for cooler weather and traffic lightens at Colony Cove, the board has a few issues and reminders for everyone.  We do have almost 20 full timers at Colony Cove now and that changes the dynamics of our complex from parking to trash and to noise.  As the board, we have never wanted to play the role of "police" at Colony Cove.  Rather, we want to make sure everyone understands the rules and policies that have been put into place so that everyone can have a good time while respecting their neighbors rights as well.  After all, we are a very close community and what happens to one family can affect all of us.

  • Pets - We have many dogs in our community and there is always an issue when that many pets try to live close to each other and strangers.  The board has had complaints ranging from barking dogs to pet droppings in the grass.  Please help everyone by doing what you can to minimize barking.  Also, please carry baggies with you when you walk your dogs to the "bathroom" and pick up the messes.  Nobody likes to step in the mess and our lawn man doesn't like to run over it with his mower.  We are also trying to deal with a feral cat issue.  If you are feeding these cats, please understand that they will stay around and their population will just increase.  
  • Parking - There is no parking allowed in the streets along curbs or in any grass area.  Colony Cove does not allow trailers (loaded or unloaded) to be parked on any common area parking, including the parking against the curb on the south side of the property by the docks.  Trailer parking should be arranged by each owner off the property at a local marina or other facility if the trailer cannot fit in the garage of the unit. 
  • Trash - We are paying for 5 trash containers but it seems only 2-3 are being used and those tend to overflow at times.  Please take the time to put your trash into the empty containers and be sure to utilize the entire container and not just one half of it.  Also, you should never put anything on the ground.  This area is for trash to be put in the dumpster and not a dumping ground for old lake toys, grills, wood, etc - there are NO exceptions to this.  Boxes are to be broken down before being placed in dumpsters.  Lids must be closed due to cats and racoons who will get in and tear things up, spilling trash outside.  Please treat this area like it was your driveway.
  • Bolt - Vyve - Dish - Direct TV - These services require wires to be run and that means that the siding on our condos is at risk of damage.  If you are acquiring a new service, please let the board and ask the service to contact the board for proper instructions on running wires.  Be aware that there cannot be ANY holes drilled in our metal roofs and any attachments to our siding must be done in a manner that will not cause issues with the EIFS siding.  Failure to follow instructions may cause damage and the cost to repair can be high.  You cannot simply put a nail or a short screw into our buildings as they will not hold and will cause damage to the siding - all repairs of damage will be charged to the unit owner.
  • Dryer Vents - Simply put, these are fire hazards.  Please note the location of your vents on the outside of your condo - some are in the soffits, some on the side of the building and some are through the roofs.  There are services in the area that clean vents and the board suggests you do this on an annual or bi-annual basis.  If your outside vent is obviously clogged, please have it cleaned.  If it is missing, please tell the board and we will have it replaced.  Clean dryer vents are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Water - When you leave your condo after the weekend or for any extended time, please shut off the water at your inside water valve.  The only insurance claims we have had so far have been from broken plumbing - pipes under the sink to broken toilet tanks.  Be sure to turn off your hot water heater to prevent a burnout and possible fire as well as your ice maker.  Since we do not have an on-site person watching each condo, it is critical that this is done.
  • Condo Access - The HOA Board has times when access to your condo is necessary due to an emergency or a special need.  When this happens, if we do not have ​your lock code, we have to track you down by phone.  We understand the need for security.  If you do not want the board to have your code, then we will simply have to call you if the need arises.  If there is an emergency, we will not be able to do anything until we are able to reach you by phone.  We highly recommend that you leave your code with a board member or a full-time neighbor, letting the board know who has it.  

​Well, that's all the preaching we can do.  Please just be aware of your part in making Colony Cove a great place for you and your neighbors.


It's getting late into summer and there is not a lot to report from your board.  We are continuing to monitor and clean up after the Bolt installations.  Irrigation lines and controller wires have been cut and we are trying to get them fixed.  Bolt is responsible for many of these but the timeline to fix them seems to stretch out.

We have some trees causing issues as well as a drainage problem to fix.  All such issues will be fixed on a priority/age basis as monies are available since we did not budget for all of them.  Many old issues still remain such as:

 - Trash Dumpsters - we have increased our dumpster count but still seem to have trash piled on one or two dumpsters while others are almost empty.  In addition, it has been noticed that sometimes younger kids are dumping trash who are too small to lift lids and so they simply leave the trash on the ground or throw bags on top of the dumpsters.  Please help us with this.  We are still receiving trash from outside sources. Our alternative is to move the dumpsters deeper into the complex.

 - Parking - this continues to be an issue.  The board is focusing on building some new off-street parking areas where we have room such as between 61 and 63, between 53 and 52 and the large blacktop common area west of units 43-46 (this area was originally planned to be like the area in front of 53-58 at the front of the complex).  

Hugh Hollowell is selling more of the new units so we are gaining new neighbors.  If things continue to move like they are, we may be starting on our last building this fall.  Way to go, Hugh!!

If you have any issues or ideas, please let us know by email.

CCHOA Board of Directors

Spring Has Sprung!!

It's spring at Colony Cove and that means we are in full swing with pool, lawn and other maintenance.  Larry is working to clean up things and get the pool ready to open the weekend of May 14.  We are also doing some small projects that needed to be done for some time.  

We have removed the Photinea bushes on the south side of building 13 that were undermining and interfering with the HVAC units.  Larry is putting in a raised bed and we will be planting some other plant materials that will allow the HVAC to function more efficiently and cover up some of the digging that BOLT did when they installed their underground lines.  You will also notice that BOLT seeded the areas they damaged but this is not the type of grass we have so we will be removing that seed and planting bermudagrass later this year or next spring.  Larry is also aware of the weeds that have popped up and will be spraying them soon as he trims hedges and cleans out the beds.

We still have some patio drainage issues at building 9 (not all but at least one) that will be addressed this year as well as some guttering issues that need to be addressed.   Drainage will continue to be at the top of the list as we near completion of our development.

As we mentioned, the pool will be open the weekend of May 14.  Larry is working to make sure everything is ready and meets health department requirements before unlocking the pool.  This takes some time and he has been working on it for a few weeks.

As the holidays approach, our parking and traffic problems will continue to be an issue, especially with all the new units and owners at Colony Cove and the slip renters that are not residents.  To maintain order within our limited parking situation, the board asks that everyone park your trailers that cannot fit inside your garage outside of Colony Cove (especially on the holidays) and not in the parking area along the south curb by the lake, the streets or in the grass area north of building 2 (unit 6).  We are working with Willow Park Marina to secure parking in the area just east of the trees on the south side of the road across the street from Hammerhead West.  Please help us by parking your boat/PWC trailers in this area.  Be sure to lock your trailers.  And speaking of traffic, please be sure that golf carts are driven by licensed drivers only - there have been a few close calls where kids on carts have not been looking out for traffic and almost were hit - we don't need that to happen.  We are in Ketchum city limits and patrolled by the Sheriff - kids on carts violate the Ketchum ordinance and citations could be issued. 

Then there are just some reminders that will keep things looking good and operating well:  Remember to check your battery in your security system as it operates both the security and the smoke detectors; be sure to change air filters and clean your A/C units; keep your dryer vents clean; and please help us maintain the trash area by bagging ALL trash and keeping the dumpster lids closed.

Finally, don't forget our annual membership meeting at the South Grand Lake Church on Saturday, May 28th at 9 AM.  We need your attendance!  If you cannot attend, please print the attached proxy, fill it out and give it to the board or a neighbor.  

Thank you!  Now let's have fun!!

It's A New Year!  Welcome to 2016

Well, the holidays are gone and spring is right around the corner.  The Board of Directors for CCHOA just wanted to remind everyone that our fiscal year is quickly coming to an end and that means our annual meeting and elections will be here soon.  Our CCHOA Annual Meeting is scheduled by our declarations to be held the fourth (4th) Saturday in the month of May unless otherwise changed by the board.  This usually comes on Memorial weekend and 2016 will be no different.  Please start planning to attend our annual meeting on Saturday, May 28th.  The place, time and agenda will be sent out in April.

Also on the planning calendar is the board's initiative to rebid our property insurance.  As everyone is aware, our insurance took a BIG increase this past year and the board is looking to make sure we get the best deal we can.  In order to make this work, our insurance bill will have to be paid on time.  Again, please start planning now to pay your insurance bill sometime in May or early June.  

If you have any questions or comments for the board on these subjects or anything else, let us know by email at  

Winter 2015

Thanksgiving is past and Christmas will be here soon.  Things are quiet at Colony Cove - the pool is winterized, the major construction to fix the drainage issue behind building 15 is finished and we are in winter maintenance mode of keeping the leaves picked up, etc.  We have one minor project left...well, really two - one is to fix the area in the west parking lot in front of building 12 where we lost a tree a couple of years ago. The board is discussing replacing the large tree with a smaller tree like a Yaupon Holly.  Whatever we plant will also be used in the long island in front of building 13 where we have lost one of our trees; the other is to finish guttering work around the complex to insure water is directed where it should be.

This is also a good time for everyone to consider serving on the board.  Spring will be here soon and with it will come elections.  The more involvement we have, the better our community will be.  Please think about it.

If you have ideas or thoughts for the board, please email us at  If you have not been on the website, please make it a habit to check it out regularly.  

From the Board of Directors, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Be safe!!

Fall 2015 - It's In The Air

Well, it looks like fall may be right around the corner.  We had a great summer at Colony Cove and the Board of Directors would like to recap some things and remind you of ongoing issues and actions.  In summary:
  • The pool will close at the end of September.  We have had a fairly good year with just minor issues. We repaired damage to the infinity wall where tiles were removed.  Just lately we have had some kids in the lower overflow area which if off-limits.  It seems that they wanted to ignore the rules of being on the infinity wall and tried to use it as a climbing wall.  This resulted in the loss of some of our artificial rock protrusions on the wall and will, again, necessitate unbudgeted repairs.  PLEASE remind your children and guests that this area is off-limits.  If you see anyone in the lower pool or climbing on the wall, please remind them of this rule.
  • Repairs to the area behind building 15 will start in about two weeks once we have sufficient funds to pay for it.  If you have not yet paid your assessment, please do so right away.
  • We are building our base of owners as Hugh has sold all of the units in building 3 and is well on his way to selling the remaining 4 units in building 2.  If all goes well, he may be starting the final building this fall.  This is exciting news for the complex as we look forward to all construction being completed.

As we move into fall and the quieter time of year at Colony Cove, your board wants to thank you for your attention to our policies.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at  

Summer 2015 News:

Summer season is here and the new board has been elected.  This year the board consists of Dave Wolfard (President), Chris LeBlanc (Secretary), Randy Grammer (Treasurer) and Kenny King (Vice President).  The board has approved a new budget (see Financials-Minutes link at left).  

The next holiday will be the 4th of July.  This year it lands on a Saturday.  Once again we will be having a morning parade so get ready to decorate your carts, bikes and trikes.  We will assemble by the pool at 10am and the parade will go around Colony Cove twice.  The board hopes to have an early lunch catered before everyone takes off to lake fun - this will be announced soon.


Spring 2015 News:

Spring is rapidly approaching and things are happening around Colony Cove. This is a quick update on what is going on around us.

The pool is now open with all new furniture and umbrellas.  We still have some tile work to do so the waterfall will not be turned on until that is done.

New docks are going in by building 4.  These will be larger 50' and 60' slips.  Waterfront Properties own the docks and are responsible for them.

The board is working to stop the rain - stay tuned.

Fall 2014 News:

Dear Colony Cove Homeowner,

As we move into fall and winter, the board thought it necessary to remind every homeowner at Colony Cove about important items. We will be sending out quarterly letters about what is going on in our development to make sure everyone is kept appraised of all issues.
First, as we said, it is fall and winter is just around the corner. While several of our residents continue to visit the lake year around, and a few others are full time residents, some leave their condos for extended periods of time. Please, if you are not going to be here, do the following:

1.Turn off your water – remember you are responsible for damage from water leaks
2.Turn off your water heater at the fuse box – in case there is a small leak, your water heater may “melt down” if the water is drained from it. By turning it off, you can prevent this from happening.
3.Keep your thermostat set at a minimum of 55 degrees and be sure your cabinet doors are open. This will help prevent freezing pipes, especially on the outside walls.

Next, we want to everyone to understand our restrictions and usage clause that are in our declarations . These covenants exist to insure that our development retains its value at all times. While the HOA is not in the business of being “police”, it is tasked with making sure that these covenants are followed. These covenants and restrictions can be found on our website along with other information by clicking the "Delcarations-By Laws-Insurance" link at the left and then clicking the Declarations link on the page. Here is a recap of the more critical covenants:

1.Each unit is restricted to single family, residential use.
2.No unit may be leased or rented for more than one month. The developer is exempt from this covenant.
3.No nuisances of any type (noise, odors, etc) are allowed. All parts of the property are to be kept clean and sanitary without rubbish, refuse or garbage (this includes animal waste). No changes or use of properties that will increase the insurance upon the property are allowed. 
4.Antennas and satellite dishes shall only be installed with association approval and guidance
5.Pets shall be limited to dogs, cats and birds and shall not exceed a combined three (3) in number. All pets shall be on a leash or within the immediate control of its Owner.
6.Boat/PWC trailers with or without a boat/PWC or recreational vehicles may not be stored or parked on general or limited common elements except on a temporary basis.
7.The HOA, upon reasonable notice to the unit owner, may enter any unit for the purpose of inspection to determine the necessity for repair or maintenance, or to determine compliance with all restrictions, covenants, conditions and easements.
8.No sign, poster, writing, symbol, advertisement or notice of any type shall be shown on the common elements or on the exterior of any unit. The developer shall have the right without consent to install such signs, poles, posters, writing, symbols and advertisement as it deems appropriate in any location on the property, or on any building, in connection with its sales program for the sale of units to the public.
9.Unit owner shall not place or cause to be placed in the common element areas furniture, packages, objects or things of any kind. Provided patios, terraces or balconies may contain typical patio furniture but not appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, wardrobes, storage bins, boxes, trash or other items which, in the judgment of the board would detract from the appearance or safety of the property.
10.The HOA shall not permit the commercial use of any portion of the common elements.
11.No appliances shall be installed in the windows, on the patios, terraces, or balconies, or from the facades of the buildings, or to attach any item to the buildings which would detract from the general appearance of the property.
12.The developer shall be exempt from all provisions requiring the consent of the HOA.
13.No owner without approval of the HOA shall make any modifications to the unit, or cause changes to the exterior of any building – including painting, decoration, installation of awnings, shutters, electric wiring and things which may protrude through or be attached to the walls of the building.
14.Owners may not do any construction or renovation without HOA approval.
15.The HOA may request a $500 security deposit prior to any construction or renovation by an owner.
16.There is a $100 fee on any sale of a unit by an owner.
17.All outdoor furniture shall be white (basic color)
18.No towels, swimsuits or garments of any type may be draped over any outside railings.

The HOA has the right per our bylaws and declarations to impose fines in order to enforce these use restrictions. Any unpaid fines may be issued as liens on any property and will include all fees and legal costs for filing such.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email your board. Remember that everything about Colony Cove can be found at our website –  

Thank you from your Board of Directors.
Summer 2014 News:

Dear Colony Cove Home Owner,

This update is information for everyone to help keep Colony Cove safe and clean.

  • The trash dumpster area has improved greatly.  We have added a new fence so that the trash is not visible to the neighbors and visitors like it was before.  There are rules posted for this area on the fence.  We are dumping the trash twice per week, which is costing us extra money, so that you will always have room for your bagged trash.  We still have some residents who will not put their trash in the empty bins but continue to stack their trash only in the front bin until it is overflowing onto the top of the bin.  Please take just a little extra time to find the empty bin for your trash and close the lids - everyone will be grateful as this will help control the smell and flies between pickups.  We also continue to have some people who place items on the ground - ALL items must go into the bins.  Be sure that your guests and children understand this policy.  Failure to follow the rules posted on the fence may result in a fine.
Make sure you clean your dryer vents completely on a regular basis.  Clogged dryer vents is a major cause of fires in homes.  

  • Make sure the battery for your security system is working, it supplies power to your smoke detector as well as the security system.  Security systems are the responsibility of the homeowner.

  • Change air filters on a regular basis according the filter manufacturer's  directions.

  • Check the condensate drain line on your furnace to make sure it is not clogged. In the warm summer months algae can build up in the line causing a blockage and water damage.  Residents are responsible for any water damage from this system.

  • Change the batteries in your entry door lock. These should last several years, but if it gets slow to take the code numbers it is a sign that the batteries are weak.

  • The condensing unit for your air conditioning system is your responsibility. It should be cleaned and serviced each year to insure that it works efficiently.

  • Pest control is the responsibility of each homeowner.  To control the spiders and bugs on the inside and outside of your home, you could team up with the other home owners in your building to hire a pest control service to spray once a month or so.

Thank you,
Board of Directors, Colony Cove Home Owners Association