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News and Updates from Colony Cove Homeowners' Association Board of Directors



Remember to leave your heat on and kitchen/bathroom cabinets open when you leave to you don't have freezing pipes.  Also keep your water turned off and your hot water tank off when you are not here to prevent water damage.

Also, remember that our trash area is NOT a dump for mattresses, large items, etc.  It is for bagged garbage only.  All boxes must be broken down in order to be put in the dumpsters.  Please help with this issue.


Summer rules - While you are having fun, please:
  • No parking in the street or on the grass
  • do not bring glass into the pool area; 
  • do not climb or sit on the infinity wall at the pool; 
  • keep the trash area clean and neat; 
  • keep trailers in your driveway or at one of the two local marinas; 
  • remember you have neighbors.


Remember our annual membership meeting is typically held Memorial Day weekend and usually begins at 9:00am.  This is an important meeting to review our HOA financial status, discuss monthly dues increases, and assessments, elect HOA board members, and discuss other important Colony Cove issues.


The pool usually closes after Labor day and fall maintenance begins.  As we prepare for cooler weather and traffic lightens at Colony Cove, the board has a few issues and reminders for everyone.  We do have almost 20 full timers at Colony Cove now and that changes the dynamics of our complex from parking to trash and to noise.  As the board, we have never wanted to play the role of "police" at Colony Cove.  Rather, we want to make sure everyone understands the rules and policies that have been put into place so that everyone can have a good time while respecting their neighbors rights as well.  After all, we are a very close community and what happens to one family can affect all of us.

  • Pets - We have many dogs in our community and there is always an issue when that many pets try to live close to each other and strangers.  The board has had complaints ranging from barking dogs to pet droppings in the grass.  Please help everyone by doing what you can to minimize barking.  Also, please carry baggies with you when you walk your dogs to the "bathroom" and pick up the messes.  Nobody likes to step in the mess and our lawn man doesn't like to run over it with his mower.  We are also trying to deal with a feral cat issue.  If you are feeding these cats, please understand that they will stay around and their population will just increase.  
  • Parking - There is no parking allowed in the streets along curbs or in any grass area.  Colony Cove does not allow trailers (loaded or unloaded) to be parked on any common area parking, including the parking against the curb on the south side of the property by the docks.  Trailer parking should be arranged by each owner off the property at a local marina or other facility if the trailer cannot fit in the garage of the unit. 
  • Trash - We are paying for 5 trash containers but it seems only 2-3 are being used and those tend to overflow at times.  Please take the time to put your trash into the empty containers and be sure to utilize the entire container and not just one half of it.  Also, you should never put anything on the ground.  This area is for trash to be put in the dumpster and not a dumping ground for old lake toys, grills, wood, etc - there are NO exceptions to this.  Boxes are to be broken down before being placed in dumpsters.  Lids must be closed due to cats and racoons who will get in and tear things up, spilling trash outside.  Please treat this area like it was your driveway.
  • Bolt - Vyve - Dish - Direct TV - These services require wires to be run and that means that the siding on our condos is at risk of damage.  If you are acquiring a new service, please let the board and ask the service to contact the board for proper instructions on running wires.  Be aware that there cannot be ANY holes drilled in our metal roofs and any attachments to our siding must be done in a manner that will not cause issues with the EIFS siding.  Failure to follow instructions may cause damage and the cost to repair can be high.  You cannot simply put a nail or a short screw into our buildings as they will not hold and will cause damage to the siding - all repairs of damage will be charged to the unit owner.
  • Dryer Vents - Simply put, these are fire hazards.  Please note the location of your vents on the outside of your condo - some are in the soffits, some on the side of the building and some are through the roofs.  There are services in the area that clean vents and the board suggests you do this on an annual or bi-annual basis.  If your outside vent is obviously clogged, please have it cleaned.  If it is missing, please tell the board and we will have it replaced.  Clean dryer vents are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Water - When you leave your condo after the weekend or for any extended time, please shut off the water at your inside water valve.  The only insurance claims we have had so far have been from broken plumbing - pipes under the sink to broken toilet tanks.  Be sure to turn off your hot water heater to prevent a burnout and possible fire as well as your ice maker.  Since we do not have an on-site person watching each condo, it is critical that this is done.
  • Condo Access - The HOA Board has times when access to your condo is necessary due to an emergency or a special need.  When this happens, if we do not have ​your lock code, we have to track you down by phone.  We understand the need for security.  If you do not want the board to have your code, then we will simply have to call you if the need arises.  If there is an emergency, we will not be able to do anything until we are able to reach you by phone.  We highly recommend that you leave your code with a board member or a full-time neighbor, letting the board know who has it.
  • Fireworks are not allow in Colony Cove.
  • Security System batteries should be replaced as needed.  The batteries are needed for your alarm system as well as your smoke alarms.

If you have any issues or ideas, please let us know by email.

CCHOA Board of Directors